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Builder Software Tools, Inc.OptionWiz® a comprehensive software program, simplifies the costing and selling of options for the home building industry. OptionWiz® is an essential tool for managing your company’s options efficiently and profitably. Links the back office with the design center team and field operations.

OptionWiz® is a user-friendly program that uses terminology easily recognized by everyone in your company. This unique software program adapts to your existing management systems, or it can be used as a stand-alone system. Excellent performance and excellent references from happy builders.

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“Option Wiz allows us to quickly move from one set of included features to another. Managing options has never been easier as we can swiftly adjust the retail price to reflect market demands and cost.”

– Chip Bishop, President, Robuck Homes

Purchasing / Estimating / Construction

  • Manage Option Information Easily
    Managing option data, such as standards, prices, and product descriptions, requires minimal time. Making site and product wide changes requires little effort with the menu driven database.
  • Transfer Changes Automatically
    New and discontinued product information entered in one area of the program is automatically transferred throughout the program.
  • Deliver Information Quickly
    All company sites and departments receive product information the same day the program administrator inputs the data.
  • Reduce Management Time
    The number of hours required to manage an entire product line is significantly reduced.
  • Streamline Bid Process
    Complete and accurate vendor information makes bidding an easy and efficient process.
  • Insure Total System Security
    Only the program administrator can input and access the database.
  • Generate Contract and Profit Reports
    Vendor reports with detailed option information serve as legal contracts. Executive reports show your company’s costs and profit margins.
  • Reduce Construction Errors
    Accurate and legible information eliminates field errors. Communication is enhanced among the sales personnel, homebuyer and the purchasing and construction departments.
  • Increase and Predict Profits
    Managing options easily provides the opportunity to expand product offerings. Strict input requirements eliminate pricing errors and reduce overpayments and the need to rework.
  • Offer Custom Pricing Easily
    All custom pricing situations adapt easily to the unique conditions and requirements of custom buildings.

Sales Department

  • Sell More Options
    The salesperson makes a professional presentation to the homebuyer. The home buyer receives accurate and detailed information of the available options in each room.
  • Provide Excellent Customer Service
    The homebuyer has flexibility in choosing options.
  • Make Changes Quickly
    The salesperson makes changes quickly and easily throughout the option selection process.
  • Generate Professional Reports
    The homebuyer receives a report which summarizes each option selection. This report includes the total options cost and can be used as an addendum to the sales contract.
  • Use Time Productively
    The salesperson spends more time assisting potential homebuyers.
  • Eliminate Product and Price Errors
    The salesperson must select associated option items. This avoids omission errors. The program administrator implements and distributes product and price changes within one day.

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