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Many times builders need an immediate and ALL-INCLUSIVE management coach. For builders that want a more direct and turnkey solution from afar, BCG is offering a bundled solution that allows for 10 hrs of remote consulting time with access to any and all requested examples, all turnkey tools, and management coaching. This approach can facilitate a quick and efficient turnaround of failing systems, processes, and team dynamics.

If more time is needed you can purchase in blocks of 10 hours in the future. This includes all of the turnkey tools on the website, additional examples and tools, as well as 10 hours of scheduled time to review and discuss any and all leadership or management issues.  Some additional tools are Buyer Process Guide, examples of various builder processes in pdf format, builder process flow templates (word format or excel) for you to edit for your own use and more.

This retainer of work is in effect and access is good for 1 year from purchase date.

Let’s make great things HAPPEN.


10% down is required. An email will be sent to secure a wire transfer for the remaining balance.


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